5 Foods That Cleanse the Liver

We do not always give that wonderful organ the liver the attention it deserves. The Liver helps to regulate sugar levels as well as removing toxins. As we all know just breathing the air can be toxic depending on where we live. Optimum Liver function is key to good health. In this article from Natural News written by our favorite Canadian Nutritionista Meghan Telpner she shares 5 super foods that help to increase Liver function.


With all the talk about the benefits of lemon water, it should come as no surprise that lemons should head this list. A glass of lemon water, taken first thing in the morning.


This leafy green herbs is good for more than just flavoring meat or potato dishes! Parsley has long been valued for its ability to purify the blood.


Borscht, anyone? This deep purple root vegetable is incredibly high in beta-carotene.


This members of the allium family contain Sulphur-based compounds that are excellent for removing toxins from the liver and for restoring the health and function of the liver cells and prevent cirrhosis.


Dandelions are usually thought of as being an herb for the kidneys, but they are also great for the liver, helping to easily rid it of toxic build-up without straining or stressing it and supporting overall good liver function.

Source: Liver Cleanse

Photo: Lemon water