Vitamix Frozen Desserts

Here is a short video on creating delicious frozen desserts in your Vitamix. It’s quick, easy, fun and most of all healthy and delicious. Feed your family the best ingredients in a dessert they will want over and over again. Get creative and get started. Go to Check our store tab and check out our Vitamix products. Its pure health assurance!

Trust Your Heart

Moving through fear into courage is all about trusting our hearts. This is the truth. Unfortunately we have been programmed to do the exact opposite.¬†It takes some practice to trust our hearts once again. Once you start feeling the power that surges through every fiber of your being when trusting your heart, it becomes very […]

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(VideoTrailer) Fed Up

This is a Brand New Trailer Fed Up. Continue on to watch the full length version Fed Up (My Wholesome Goodness). We highly recommend viewing this film. Learn the truth. We need to come together as a nation to say no to being poisoned and take back our health by saying no to big agriculture […]

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(Video) Symptoms Of A Vitamin D Definciency

In this incredible video by Dr. Josh Axe, he teaches us the essence of Vitamin D. It is more than just a vitamin and it is essential for us to get enough in our bodies. Deficiency in vitamin D can create many issues with our health. Watching this video will give you the knowledge to get on track and prevent health problems in the future. Enjoy and please feel free to share!