How to Navigate the Yogurt Aisle


Yogurt is a wonderful fermented food. But the yogurt aisle in the supermarket is overrun with what appears to be a bazillion choices – so where do you start? The good folks over at Yogurt Culture have written a great article at thekitchn with tips for finding your favorite yogurt (and maybe even discovering a new flavor) Check it out.

1. Take stock.

Plan a foray to the yogurt aisle at your favorite supermarket on a day when things are quiet and you can afford a bit of study-time. Look long and hard at a couple of options that appeal to you – from brands you know to brands whose names you’ve never seen before. Look beyond the savvy packaging (so pretty! so shiny!) to the actual words on the label.  Take your time, and poke around.

2. Take heart.

Remember: Having more choices is generally better than having fewer, so don’t get overwhelmed; get savvy. If you’re health-conscious, look for products with few ingredients, avoid those with artificial additives, find a fat-content that suits your palate and dietary preferences, and be glad you have options.

3. Taste test.

Now I know this isn’t a farmers market or Costco, where you can walk around and sample everything in sight, but yogurt is a fairly affordable food item (as these things go), and I strongly encourage you to pop a few appealing varieties in your cart to take home and try. That’s really the only way you can compare the varying thicknesses, mouthfeels, flavors, sweetness levels, and general deliciousness quotient of this massive array of options.

4. Step outside your comfort zone.

Innovation in the yogurt category means options can sometimes be wacky, but they can also sometimes be amazing. If you’ve always eaten blueberry yogurt, maybe it’s time you try coffee yogurt. If you always buy cow milk yogurt, go ahead and try sheep or goat milk yogurt. If you’ve always gone sweet, perhaps you’d like a more nuanced option, where the sugar supports rather than masks the naturally tart yogurt flavor.

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