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Benefits of Juicers and Blenders

As we get older we realize just how our bad eating habits and lack of fitness truly affect us. From constant pains and stiffness to health issues such as diabetes and high blood pressure, our unhealthy habits can end our lives sooner than later. With simple healthy changes we can transform our lives and live our lives fully. Some easy changes you can make include:

Avoid processed sugars- Removing processed sugars that you find in candy and soda will help you avoid unnecessary calories. If you remove soda from your diet you will not only see the difference in your gut but in your energy as well. Instead go for a healthier option such as water and smoothies.

Walking More- You don’t need to start off a hard regiment in order to see a change in your health. Start off slow by walking and gradually speed walking and then running. Do not push yourself too hard as this can help you fail, rather than succeed.

Eat more fruits and veggies- Most of us do not eat our daily recommended servings of fruits and veggies. The veggies that we do eat end up being covered in sauces or dips, or are hidden in our meals. An easier way to eat more fruits and veggies is by juicing and blending them. There are many benefits of juicing and blending your veggies and fruit including:

  • Easier to eat- Most of us are picky eaters and only like a handful of fruits and veggies. By using blenders or juicers we can try new fruits and vegetables and provide your bodies with key vitamins and minerals. Smoothies and juices are great for kids who avoid fruits and veggies in every direction. You can freeze your freshly made juice and smoothies and turn them into ice pops. This will be even more enjoyable for children and they don’t have to know that the green color is from kale or spinach


  • Absorbs faster- Drinking your fruits and veggies is not only easier but your body absorbs the nutrients faster.  You don’t have to chew your smoothies or juices, you simply drink them.


  • Natural Energy- Juicing and blending fresh fruits and vegetables will provide your body with natural energy. Unlike energy drinks or candy, juice and smoothies are made from simple ingredients with no added sugars. Your own freshly made juicer and smoothies will give you the boost you need to start your day.

These are just some of the benefits of juicers and blenders. These machines will help you and your family consume and try more fruits and vegetables. Blenders can also be used to grind coffee beans, make sauces, dips, and even blend your soup.